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Colin Blakely

Hmmm, looks like the post I wrote prior to posting the above two photo got lost. At any rate, thanks Billy and Barry for the quick response! I attached above photos that provide a better view of the front of the board. I believe the resistor values are correct (Note- Barry’s diagram above lists 10k resistors for the voltage divider but the spec sheet lists 12k which is what I used. As long as the value of both resistors is the same, it shouldn’t make a difference, correct?).

I measured voltage at the divider. There is 8.94V going in and 6.50V at the split. Pin 3 on the op amp reads 7.0V (why is the voltage increasing?). Something is obviously not right with the voltage divider.

I measures the pins on the PT2399 and they all read close to the recommended voltages. Any suggestions on next steps would be appreciated!