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Ratistuta – I’m still in the middle of a G-02 Animal build and with the help of Barry’s build document for that build, I was able to suss out that the G-02 Animal is basically a modified BMP with a buffer and nearly identical to the Muff’N build, just without the buffer.  I found a great analysis of the BMP on ElectroSmash and it really helped get better grasp of what the BMP, G-02 Animal and all the variants of the BMP consist.

When I built  one of Barry’s Muff’N builds, I kinda went over the top with modifications. Instead of selecting just one of the specific BMP’s to go for, I took it upon my self to do some value averaging for certain of the resistors and caps to find the build that would provide the most number of options sonically. I also took advantage of Barry’s Muff’N Mods document and incorporated every one them into my first Muff’N build. With all the options on board and the value fiddling I exercised, my “Klingon Muff” can achieve the sonic value of about 10 of the BMP variants.

Barry – I was completely unaware of the “P2”. Thank you for the continuing education.