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@Billy The color bands are correct. Measured it, it says 47R.

The voltage between R32 and R33 is 2.9 – 3V. Like I said, the voltage drop over R31 (47R) is 3 – 3.3V down from 9V supply, which leaves 6V remaining and that goes into R32 and R33 and the +9V parts of the circuit. VB reads 3V on my board, which is half of the remaining 6V, so the voltage divider works, R31 just drops too much voltage for being such a small value..

R31 just shouldn’t drop as much as it is.

Edit: I replaced C13, C14, R31, R32, R33 just to be sure. Same result. R32 and R33 both read 26.9K instead of 56K, which makes me think there may be something else interfering with the voltage divider. Thoughts?