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Big O

That was the video I referenced.  I have seen the picture of the fuzz unit and it appears all but one of the components on the board have been identified by others except for one.  Some think it is a diode, others think it is a choke, while others think it is an inductor – the so called mystery part.  That is the part that is mounted horizontally at the bottom of the picture.

I have already built a moddified version of the Heathkit TA-28 and it gets most of the early Farner Messenger guitar sound, but not the nasty upper register stuff.  Since this uses a PNP silicon transistor in the circuit (2N2907 or 2N3906), maybe I can substitute a Ge PNP in the socket and see what I get.  I believe I have a higher gain OC75 around 145 HFE to try in the PNP position.  The TA-28 reference has be already debunked.


Maybe I will breadboard the GBOF Meat Fuzz and check that out.  I’m wondering if the Industrial Fuzz will work in this case, maybe with a tone tweq along with it.