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Bruce R

Bryan, this is Bruce from Pedal Parts and Kits.

The wiring is wrong on the Out Jack. The yellow and black wires need to be switched. The yellow is connected to the sleeve, and the ground to the tip. Should be the other way around. The In Jack appears to be correctly wired.

In the kit, the Getting Started says to omit the CLR resistor (R23) from the main pcb, and put the 1k8 resistor in the CLR location on the 3PDT PCB. The bi-color LED’s included in the kits are not particularly bright, so 1k8 works well. The 2k7 you have in there now will work, but you may find it dimmer than you like in a lit room, but good for a dark room.

Billy is correct, the circuit also won’t work with the TL074 in backwards.

I have to say, looking at your build, the soldering unfortunately looks pretty bad from what I can tell. When I look at your components on the component side, I should see solder around the thru-hole plating on each hole, not a gap between the leads of the component and the hole. Please see a blown-up section of your board.The solder joints should be shiny, not dull. I’m looking at your pots with big globs of dull solder and lots of exposed wire. I am wondering what kind of iron and solder you are using. I think you should post a picture of the reverse side of the PCB so we can have a better look.

I zoomed in on another PCB on this support forum, for comparison:

When you heat the leads and pad on the other side, the heat travels down the lead and down the through-hole plating, and the solder is drawn down into the hole. It actually gets sucked into the hole, and forms a small hill on the component side of the board. While it’s not critical that both sides look like a “Hershey Kiss” it is kind of important that the hole be filled with solder to get a good joint.

I would say that 95+% of my customers who have great soldering skills have a working circuit without re-work or troubleshooting. It’s that important. Of course, wiring the jacks and inserting the IC’s into the sockets with the correct orientation is critical as well.

Sorry, not trying to make you feel bad about this, but I think you may be using insufficient heat to draw the solder into the joint on each pad, or maybe you have the wrong temperature, wrong solder, etc. Please post back with what you’re using and please post a picture of the reverse side of the PCB. Please correct the out Jack and the IC orientation, and connect the the wire to pad 3 of the “High” jack as well. We’ll get your build working. As Billy said, just carefully remove the TL074 from the socket, and change the orientation when you put it back in. No soldering needed for this task.

I am not sure why you ended up with extra parts. It looks like you clipped your LED leads really short. I think you missed the Getting Started section that was included on the Packing Slip/Bill of Materials included with your kit. We can ship you a new LED, but for now, we should see what else might be needed.