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It does but you’ve got it the correct way lugs horizontal and I think with Barrys 3PDT boards it’ll only fit in the right way

Normally you’d solder the switch to the underside but it doesn’t matter it may just be more difficult for you to fit it in your enclosure

The crackling may be the TL074 it could be fried with it being in the wrong way and power applied if you have a multimeter take the voltages on the pins and report back

To take voltages just in case you don’t know, set your meter to 20 VDC put the black probe in the COM socket and the red in V for voltage socket then place your ground probe on the main pcb ground pad and touch each IC pin with your red probe

Pin numbering goes top left of the notch pin 1 then down and round in a U shape like this it’s the same for any number of pins in your case down 1 to 7 then up 8 to 14 you should get 0 volts ground on pin 11 and power to pin 4 all other pins should be around 4.5v or half the power supply

Hopefully it’ll just be a fried TL074 and no other errors but no matter I’m sure we’ll get it going

Whilst yer waiting for parts have a read of the beginners guide to components which will give you a better understanding

Just for reference this is how most folks have their 3PDT boards, they’re great for neater wiring the newer ones even having a trimmer onboard giving you the ability to adjust your LED brightness and if you ever build a combo pedal they’re a must for easy wiring