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I need your help again. The Animal doesn’t work properly.

When I turn on the effect, there is a permanent sound and if I play my guitar, it sounds terribly wrong on top. [Here is an mp3 I recorded to my post here as an example]

Sound File

The guitar signal gets through the circuit. The LED and the bypass are working. I put the pcd out of the enclosure, used it without the BuffNBlend, the same problem. I used it with battery, the same sound.

The pots seem the be ok, checked them with my multimeter. The 6 Transistors 2N5088 seem to work, Q1-Q6 have the voltage descripted in the building manual, with a few percent difference here and there. I checked the wires and the polarity of the components when there is any. I checked the diodes (LEDs) with MM, they seem to work. The solder points should be ok, checked them and re-soldered here and there. I cannot find a reason for the problem.

What should I do now? What could cause such a sound?

Some help would be really appreciated.