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I am also a big fan of these little “utility builds”!

Here are two of the CLR testers that I have done.  I put the extra sockets on there so I have a convenient spot to touch the DMM leads once I have adjusted the trimmer to the brightness I want.  Additionally, it is also a handy tool for testing different resistor values in a circuit for biasing, etc. if you have socketed the resistor on the board.  I just unhook the power and LED and then put a breadboard jumper wire in each of the extra sockets to the ones on the board.  I increased the trimmer value of my second LED board to 20k because of this.  So, as long as the resistor range I am testing is between 1-21k then I am good to go.

The very first LED / CLR utility board I built had a PCB mount pot but I had sockets and jumpers so I could reconfigure it and use it to hook up 9v to an effect to simulate “voltage sag” and see if it produced any interesting results on the circuit.  Could not find it in my mess to take a picture.

And finally, my all time favorite “utility” is on the left…a guitarpcb 2pdt board with sockets.  I soldered breadboard jumpers to it and they press right into the sockets on the board.  I find it most useful for clipping diodes.  I chose a on-off-on switch so dependent on the board you are testing you can leave one (or more) diodes on the board and just jumper one of the other diodes to the switch and test any number of combinations…but, i am sure everyone already knows / does this.