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Thanks!  Now I just need to update the subject of the thread to “Mastodon Build (No Problem to Resolve)”.

It really wasn’t my weekend.  I re-measured and I am guessing I had one of the pots cranked all the way down which, based on my limited understanding, would impact the collector of Q2.  I re-tested and was getting about 2.8v.


I think I was just flustered that it didn’t fire up first try.  I have had such excellent results with these kits…well written guides, quality PCB’s, good mod ideas, etc.  Once I developed my process for building effects, based on some failed vero builds, I have been super lucky and had stood at 100% through a dozen or so of the guitarPCB boards.  I still get some failures on my vero builds because it seems that no matter how many times I double check cuts and links occasionally mistakes will be made.

Sorry for “crying wolf” on this one.