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Big O

Welcome to the addicting hobby of building pedals!  I started out with one of the easiest circuits to build, a fuzz face, because at the time the only manufactured FF’s with Ge transistors were quite expensive.  So after having had only a single episode of replacing and rewiring pickups on a guitar as my electronics and soldering experience, I dove into pedal building head first.  Don’t get discouraged, if you encounter any problems at first, there are plenty of people to help you on your way.  My first pedal didn’t work right away, which prompted me to buy my first multimeter, although that didn’t help.  Substituting low gain silicon transistors into the circuit solved the problem, suggested by someone on the build forum – I had a bad Ge transistor in the kit, but the vendor sent me a second pair free.  Of course I later used the original good one to build a second Ge-Si fuzz face once I got more adept at pedal building.  I still feel I am bit of a novice after more than 20 builds, including some circuits I have designed myself by modifying known schematics.  I think the best advice I can give is start simple and work your way up to a complex build (my most complex so far has been a tube amp).  You don’t have to do 20 pedals before moving on to complex builds, but maybe do a couple simple circuits first, the moderately difficult, and then on to the complex.