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Deep Southerly (African) greetings to you all.

WRT the Apollo I’m curious as to whether the symmetry mod combined with the speed switch can achieve a slow ramp as Cybercow suggested, in which case it’s almost obligatory for my purposes (mostly nefarious, I have to admit). This would cause it to behave more like a VCA if I understand the mod correctly.

My observation is that the EA doesn’t provide the choppiness of the Apollo. It’s more like a straightforward sine wave to my hearing; I don’t have a ‘scope to verify this. But it’s a ‘musical’ circuit nonetheless, undoubtedly less versatile than the Apollo but still very usable. My only reservation is that it’s not slow enough for my taste and I was wondering whether a similar mod to the Apollo speed switch might be doable.

I assume (on the basis of no evidence at all) that the timing cap is C5, in which case one of Barry’s DPDT switch mods to add a cap in parallel to the 470uF there might do the trick.

Thanks as always for the interesting thread. Your thoughts and comments in due course will be greatly appreciated.