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Big O

As I get ready to build a 4 Track Fuzz, I played around with the Bender pedal. Combined with a fixed wah pedal I have and using a Gibson Les Paul into a Marshall Plexi clone, it nails the Rono guitar sound from the Ziggy Stardust era. The fuzz itself has a somewhat nasal tone to it and the fixed wah helps to focus the tone a little, which is now why I see that Ronson did things the way he did. It makes complete sense.  The full on volume of the humbuckers really dirties up the sound, so I backed off the volume and tone a little, which really helped to clean things up a bit.

When I first tried the pedal yesterday after building it, I used a guitar with P90 pickups (Gibson Blueshawk) and the fuzz didn’t sound so out of control.  When I first tried it today, I thought that this couldn’t be the same pedal, but then realized that the humbuckers just tend to overdrive the fuzz a bit too much and backing off the volume settles down the fuzz.