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sorry to resurrect this old post, but what do you mean by

On a side note we avoid tantalum capacitors in all builds. If you would have reversed the orientation and applied power there could have been much more troubleshooting.

what do you recommend to use? At musikding I see https://www.musikding.de/Capacitors

  • film capacitors but seems for high voltage
  • ceramik capacitors but none more than 1 uF
  • silver mica but only 82-1000 pF
  • electrolytic capacitors in for of “standard”, “jamicon”, “bipolar”… “nichicon”, “low impedance”
  • tantalum but not recommended then
  • high voltage, not concerned

by elimination, I’m left with the electrolytic standard ones I think.


After this failed mastodon first try, I plan to start over with breadboarding some plans from guitarpcb and others. I hope to experiment and better understand how it works, before buying PCB when happy with the result 🙂