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Thanks for the kudos guys!

Billy – I use a Dremel with a cut-off wheel. Slow-going is the key. Just a little at a time. Otherwise, the the whole thing heats up too much and destroys the pot. I use a very narrow vise-grip tool. I wrap the shaft in a small piece of leather, grab on to the shaft near the base, and hand-hold the vise-grip tool (with the embraced pot) and Dremel. I usually do a few pots at a time. That way, I can let one cool as I cut a little of the next few. Each one takes about 5 or 6 passes to cut entirely thru. I just want avoid burning them up with the friction heat caused by the cutting wheel spinning at 10,000 RPM. Once the cut-offs are complete, any they’ve all cooled, I use a jeweler’s flat file to clean up any edges or burrs.