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Coincidentally Bruce and I have been working out this new type of 3PDT Wiring Board which includes a Trimmer for adjusting the LED level of brightness. You can do this as a set and forget using either a Standing trimmer or Flat Mount.

If you use a Flat Mount trimmer you may drill a small screwdriver hole in the back cover of your pedal for access without even needing to open it up or if you choose the Standing trimmer you can access the trimmer in the same manner with a small drill hole through the front of the pedal (not top) but where you would kick it with your toe.

That said you don’t need to drill any holes for simple access by removing the back cover for a set and forget.

You may use either the top pf the board or the underside giving you four options in total. It is the same size as our other 3PDT Wiring board and features all of the same advanced options but includes a small “wing” for the mounting of a trimmer.

This is not to replace the Original 3PDT Wiring Board but be offered as an alternative.

What do you guys think? Oh and if you have a clever name for this based on what it does that we choose I will send you some for FREE! That said it has to fit on this small board.