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Forgot to say I tick it off on the printed BOM as I go as I’m sure everybody does

But yeah when its a brand new baby you’ve got to take extra care

As Ray says the white box on the tip pads is a great idea and I’ve noticed Barry boy has made it fairly obvious with big red arrows what goes where in the build docs

That said I’m sure in the excitement of getting a build finished we’ll still get the odd T in ground pad error to keep us going, its our bread and butter innit

I’m really happy to see you all posting you are all like old pals to me although we haven’t all met

I reckon after all this madness we should pick a city and all meet up for some shenanigans and lotsa beer

Me and my 2 sons are going to Berlin like we’ve been saying we would for about 3 years after all this hopefully stops

Make sure you all take extra care and I hope one day we’ll all get together as Barry’s wee gang of desperados