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Your LED in the schematic is powered from +9v before it’s inverted
You could just run a power and ground from the DC jack to your 3PDT board and use as normal

The values given were common back in the day but not so much now so just use your nearest modern value 22uf etc there’s no need to paralell values it’ll work fine

There’s 20% tolerance so you could get a 22uf that’s nearer 25uf but as I say no need to do that

I’ve built many positive ground circuits and it still confuses me, but it’s only the actual circuit that requires negative power, ground would still be 0v just positive! everything else will work from normal power the LED as you know is just an indicator so as long as it gets power to its anode and ground to its cathode it’ll work when switched being separate from the main circuit

I think it was Tonmann that said the best way to think of it is negative power it still requires 9v power and a 0v ground reference that’s how I avoid confusing myself