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Sheet metal is fine regarding shielding and grounding I’ve used sheet metal enclosures with no problem

Wood people do use that’s more likely to give you problems you can line the inside of it with shielding tape or aluminium foil to shield it from unwanted RF noise etc

With regard to grounding that shouldn’t be a problem as long as you ground everything as normal ie switches, jacks etc your main ground comes from your DC supply whether that’s an adaptor into a DC jack or a battery everything is grounded from that rather than the enclosure some people do ground thier in and out jacks to the enclosure using the jack nuts but that’s not advisable as they can come loose you are always better grounding both jacks with a wire

With guitarpcb boards you have lots of extra grounding points for your 3PDT and in and out jacks etc which would ensure everything is grounded correctly

Some of the newer pcbs have an extra +9v pad making it easier and convenient to use the 3PDT pcbs if you want to