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Actually that may not have been it- I think it was the B500K Pinch pot.  It was a brand new Alpha B500K pot, but  somehow I think it was shorting out.  I checked my wiring and nothing visible was touching that shouldn’t have been, but as I moved the pot it occasionally gave me audio again (infrequently).  I removed it and replaced with another one to test and it works- fuzz!

I sprayed some DeOxit in the old pot and now it seems fine.  Weird as it wasn’t scratchy or anything.  I wonder if somehow I had damaged it or something when soldering initially, but I’ve honestly soldered quite a few pots and never had that happen.  I dunno.

Maybe it was a combination of all of the above- I dunno but somehow the pedal gods smiled upon us..

For now all good!

Really appreciate the guidance- thank you!