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Ignore what I said regarding collector voltages

The correct voltages as you said at the start are in the V3 build doc

Q1 Emitter: 0V, Base 0,58V, Collector 1,2V
Q2 Emitter: 0,88V, Base 1,2V, Collector 2,3V

So back to the base of Q1 not getting anything there’s not a lot of components prior to it and if you get signal up to the base that indicates they are ok looking on my PC the solder joints at Q1 do look dry I don’t know whether you took the image after changing to a socket if the transistor was tested ok on your breadboard we can rule that out so I’d reflow those joints again

Q1 base needs current to operate and that would have a knock on effect check that non of the socket holes have continuity sometimes solder can pool underneath the socket where you can’t see it and cause a bridge