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Definitely not getting 4.5V on the collectors.  I think you were right about my mixing up CBE on the first reading.

Latest readings (SURE I got CBE right this time) are:

Q1 C = 1.71 V, B = 0, E = 0

Q2 C = 1.06, B = 1.71, E= 1.08V

Confirmed measuring DC voltage.

Also on the resistors you are correct, I subbed a 47K for the 51K so that one is a bit lower.  Also checked the 22K and verified its code.  I usually multimeter test each resistor right before I put it on the board just to be safe so likely those are correct.

We’re getting continuity with ground everywhere it looks like we should have continuity per the schematic, but maybe I’ll reflow all the ground pads just in case?