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The Doomrat – building pedals van be fun and may often come across as simple as putting together a Lego kit or a “paint-by-numbers” painting. However, guitar pedals are fundamentally electronics in the nature and require some familiarity with the aspects of electronics. One of the most important aspects of electronics is knowing how to identify parts (components).

All of those 33K resistors are the same. They are simply not all bonded together on the same paper banding.

The unmarked “resistors” are not resistors at all. Those are diodes. The 4 orange diodes with the black band at one end are small signal diodes. The band identifies the cathode. (Diodes are polarized components and how they are oriented (placed) onto the PCB is vital to their proper operation.) The larger black diode is likely used for power protection.

In the interest of adding to the quality of your pedal building journey, I suggest you do a bit of research on “electronics” and sort out how to identify the different parts and discern their values and orientation where applicable. Working with and understanding electronics is a journey and the information is absorbed at different rates by different people depending on how much one is willing to commit to the learning process.

In this forum there is a section dedicated to “building guides” and therein you will find several posts worth reading to assist you.  It’s up to you to do the reading and I recommend there. Here’s the first link: GUIDES PAGE Mandatory Reading for All

Hopefully, this info gets back on your building excursion.