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Okay this all makes more sense now. We are absolutely dealing in Apples and Oranges.

Our Capt. Munch is based on the original CrunchBoxPedal (Pre-V2 Basic design single Passive Tone only) A look at the schematic or just the BOM listing parts indicates this. It also happens to be one of the first three circuits we ever offered more than 10 years ago.

Additionally the SuperCrunchboxV2 (2017) cannot even be compared with their original V2. Here is why…

The SuperCrunchBoxV2 is not the same circuit as their original Crunchbox or even their Crunchbox V2 which is still (all Passive Tone controls) What makes the Super, Super is It contains a 3 Band Active EQ (Baxandall) section much like our Tone TwEQ board which is an additional add-on to the old circuit. The Passive (cut only) tone control on their original design is now called their Presence control. Because the add-on Baxandall EQ section is entirely Active that would account for all of your Volume differences. I would not expect either of these circuits to perform the same.

Doing a bit of Google shows this:

CrunchBoxPedal original (compare it to our version):

Note: You could add a Tone TwEQ and it would give you more Volume and lots of Tone control.

While I could not find a schematic of their 2017SuperCrunchboxV2 if you go to their site this is what they say about it:

“The original tone control has now been relabeled PRESENCE. the most exciting addition to the Super Crunch Box is the new 3 BAND EQ. This is truly a unique design, utilizing an active design, 3 isolated bands offering +/- 12db of cut and boost”

Also this image shows the Active Tone Control layout:

So the result is indeed Apples and Oranges at their most extreme even if you compare their original products.


That said if you up-load a demo I would be glad to listen to see if I think there is something wrong with the circuit based on a demo. It is a simple circuit and provides a smooth tube like distortion that should sound good on any amp. It however is nothing like their current Super model.

Finally here are two unique audio demos using our Cap’t Munch exclusively:

I made this one  <– This demo is just made with an iPhone so it is very transparent.

T-Diddy made this one

I hope all of that helps.

Final thought:  If you really want a circuit that is more comparable to the SCBV2 then try the Cranky Charles with similar topography and 3 Band Active EQ.