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Big O

Thanks Cybercrow, your comments are greatly appreciated, which I look upon as POSITIVE criticism.  I enjoy discussing the old circuits and that is pretty what I like building from scratch, but with some modifications.  I wish others would jump into these discussions as I quite enjoy them and they are a learning experience for me as I am not by any means an expert in these type of circuits. I only have some limited knowlege of circuits from my college and post grad physics courses, but I enjoy using what little knowledge I have in trying to figure out what is going on in the circuit and attempting some simple mods.

Now on to finishing the modified bazz fuss that I have bread boarded and getting it onto a GBOF board (along with some additional vero and/or perfboard circuitry) and then boxing it up.

When I get some time I will attempt to make an audio recording of the pedal, but that may be awhile off.