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mybud – glad to help. My first shot at Barry’s “Fuzzy Bee” was a disaster until I learned that germaniums generally require manual biasing to find the right bias resistance values. Then I ripped out the trannies from the Fuzzy Bee PCB, applied sockets, and started auditing different PNP geranium transistors. I went thru several different variants till I found the right balance. It was a PITA, but a great learning process.

I’m now in the process of constructing a Burns Buzzaound Fuzz testbed board using trimmers instead of fixed bias resistors. I also have a screw-down turret-style (solder less connections) testbed board for trying even more variants of tranny combos. This one is a positive ground rendition. I am working on another that uses a chargepump to provide use with a standard DC power brick with a negative center (negative ground for the voltage supply – and I’m also swapping the polarity of the power supply, e-caps and the diode to see what kind of goodness I might get from NPN germaniums.

I imagine I will ultimately construct a testbed with trimmers instead of fixed value bias resistors to better understand the circuit.

And yes, Robert Fripp did use a Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround Fuzz, He was one of my guitar heroes growing up.