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Been quite a while since I have posted anything, but here goes nothing.  Looking at your build picture, the longer contact leg on the third mono jack (looking left to right) appears to be over the top of the jack instead of in the grooved portion of the shaft.  Not sure why.  I assume the two on the right are input and output, so I would start there and make sure the wiring is correctly routed from the board (T) is on the bottom hole for the input side and (T) is on the top hole for the output side of the board.  Check the routing to the 3PDT and then to the respective jack lugs.  Am curious what is connected to the other two jacks on the left side of the enclosure.  As Wilkie pointed out, without seeing the solder side, impossible to check for cold solder joints, extra long wire leads touching and such.  -petevig