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Matching TB (or most any other germanium-based multi-transistor fuzz\boost\distortion circuits) germanium transistors is a matter of obtaining proper Hfe  (gain) ratios.

I did just find some notes on my Fuzzy Bee build: “I used a couple of AC125s for Q1 / Q2 that are low leakage and hFE is about 60 – 62 and for Q3 I used a CV7112 that is 220 hFE and leakage about 270.” (It appears that that Q3 calls for “some” leakage.) So those are the Hfe ratios that should work in a Fuzzy Bee. And from the build doc you can note that the Fuzzy Bee is based on the old “Burns Buzzaround Fuzz” – there are lots of Google references for that build to help you sort out the gain ratios is the ones supplied do not suffice.

For biasing, I would definitely socket the bias resistor points so you can “find” the correct bias for each tranny. I use a trimpot to dial it in, then locate a resistor or parallel pair to achieve that found bias resistance for each.

Good luck!