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I no longer have that pedal anymore to tell you. It would have been the same as yours (+ or – 20% tolerance) as I am fairly certain I would have used the same component values as you did.

What I was suggesting before to be clear is when there is a circuit you love and it is worth having a proper active tone control to shape “that circuit” exclusively is to insert the Tone TwEQ into the same enclosure. Here is an example of the Plexi Plus and it was able to fit in a 125B although larger is easier.


I completely understand if you do not want to do that. It was just a thought based on the pedal above.

That said there are two other suggestions already made above that will make the simple passive tone control feel better and less sensitive since you said “It goes from Dark to Bright and not much after that” I was not quite clear on what the Volume Control deal is that you mention half way down. Anyway by changing the Taper as suggested above you can have the whole “Dark to Bright” thing within the full sweep of the Pot.

I hope that helps.