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Thanks Billy,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I had some chores around the house that took priority.

To answer your questions :

  1. All positions of the diode switch are at reduced volume;
  2. I re-flowed the solder on the output jack lugs;
  3. a) Using my probe, I established the volume level at the input jack as “normal volume”; b) The In pad on the main board is normal volume; c) On C1, the “inside leg” is normal volume. By “inside leg” I mean the leg towards to middle, or inside or the board. On C1 the outside leg is about “half volume.: Half volume is subjective because I don’t know how to measure the volume. On R2, both legs are subjectively half volume. On R3 the bottom leg produces noise and the top leg produces half volume, where bottom leg is the one closest to C1.

I did not test further, hoping you could provide feedback on my testing approach. Is there any way to measure the volume, other than to subjectively say normal and half?