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    Hello Friends

    I need a diagram of wiring a tap tempo board to the delay v3 as the site guide shows no wires to the in or out of main board or to in / out sockets . Am I supposed to wire a 3pdt stomp switch as well ? So the enclosure has one switch for tap tempo and one for on / bypass?

    cheers Greg


    bypass ?


    Greg – pretty there is a wiring diagram for the Tap-Tempo in the Tap-Tempo Build Document. I have a wiring diagram in my copy.

    The Tap-Tempo build doc is here: Tap-Temp Build Document

    I know the wiring diagram is for the D’Lay V2, but it’s easy to transpose the connection points. The Tap-Tempo “PT6” point still goes to R22 on the DLay board. Just leave out the “Time” pot & R22, and connect the Tap-Tempo “PT6” point to lug 2 or 3 of where the “Time” pot was supposed to go.

    You can use a separate 78L05 regulator on the Tap-Tempo and supply it with +9v – OR – you can tap off the output pin of IC3 (“VB” on the 78L05 regulator) of the DLay board. If you use the “VB” jumper from the DLay board to the Tap-Tempo board, you can leave off IC3 on the Tap-Tempo board and jumper to the “VB_IN” point on the DLay board. V3 of the DLay does NOT have the “VB” conniption point, so you need to take it either from the output pin of IC3 (78L05) or from the anode of D2. (The anode of D2 is the side closest to C14.)

    The Tap-Tempo board does NOT take a 3PDT stomp – it takes a 2PDT stomp. And yes, each board needs its own stomp. So the enclosure will have two stomps affixed to it in the end. They are just two different stomps – one 3PDT (9 lugs) for bypass on the DLay board and the one for Tap-Tempo is 2PDT (6 lugs).

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks for that explanation will keep going Cheers G

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