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    shake appeal

    Hey y’all, I just finished building the Sunn T kit (after majorly botching a Green Muff) and, amazingly, it’s turning on and passing sound. The issue I’m having is that it isn’t clipping at all, just straight clean sound, no distortion whatsoever, and the volume is quite a bit quieter than when the pedal isn’t engaged. Anyone have any suggestions or possible solutions?

    (I’m a noob, please don’t rip my head off)


    shake appeal. Thats fun to say. Hey man this below is from the crash course guide which we assume you read at one point. But i go back to it often because it’s full of good info. But troubleshooting requires a little work from you first.

    Troubleshooting – Very Important – Read and follow instructions before posting a troubleshoot thread. There is a chance your pedal does not work when you try to use it the first time. This is not uncommon. Even experienced builders make mistakes, and some new builders make mistakes frequently. We need Voltages and Pictures to be able to help you in a timely manner. No way around it. By saying you did everything correct and asking what could be wrong will result in us asking you to provide pictures and voltages. Taking the extra ½ hour to post a proper thread will result in a much quicker solution. For Pedals here we want DC!  Insert the probes into the correct connections – this is required because there may be a number of different connections that can be used.  Set switch to the correct measurement type and range for the measurement to be made. When selecting the range, ensure that the maximum range is above that anticipated. The range on the DMM can then be reduced as necessary. However by selecting a range that is too high, it prevents the meter being overloaded.  Optimize the range for the best reading. If possible enable all the leading digits to not read zero, and in this way the greatest number of significant digits can be read. Any Ground plane will do for the Black Probe then start taking Voltage readings and report them to us. This applies to all Transistors as well as IC Chips. We need this stuff to be able to help!! Google Datasheets to report the proper Pin Numbers or Letters with your reading.

    Example 1: Google “2N3904 Datasheet” then you will know which leg is C, B or E.

    Example 2: Google “MPF102 Datasheet” to know which leg is D,S or G etc….

    Then post a Forum Topic in the Support section complete with <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Pictures and your Voltage Readings</span>! Get or Build an Audio Probe! – This will save you a lot of time and guessing! It usually gets solved very quickly this way.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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