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    Hi Barry- long time fan
    I wanted to run a suggestion by you and see what you thought. Will there be a Nostalgitone for the 80s? Maybe a JCM800, chorus and delay?Also,

    I’m nearly certain that if you did the heavy lifting and purchased several completed enclosures from Tayda, you could mark them up and sell them on your site. I’d buy one for sure. Something to think about.

    Thanks for your time!


    Hi Matt,

    I’m grateful for your excitement about the NostalgiTone series. The NostalgiTone 80s is definitely in the pipeline.

    Our upcoming project is the debut of the NostalgiTone “Artist series” with Voodoo Redux. This release highlights a Foundation Plexi preamp, a Fuzz inspired by the Band of Gypsies era, and an authentic Vibe with order switching (pre or post Fuzz).

    Regarding enclosures, while it’s an appealing idea, unfortunately, it’s not feasible at the moment. Currently, I have two combo enclosures with a third coming soon, all with unique drill templates, and plans for continual expansion. Add in the potential for “Singles” to further diversify the selection. Currently, implementing enclosures poses several challenges, including potential conflicts over variety, colors, fonts, personalization, and other factors. As much as I appreciate your enthusiasm, it’s not something I can pursue at this exact moment in time.

    While I could potentially provide a single-color, single-font option, even that would require a substantial upfront investment. This is particularly challenging as I would need at least three unique enclosures right from the start. Currently, all available funds are allocated towards development and acquiring components.

    In the future I am always open to reconsidering these options. Please feel free to spread the word so I can get to that next logical step.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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