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    Big O

    First – Axes Fuzz (Axis Fuzz).  A silicon Fuzz Face variant with some modifications.  GBOF with some off board components for main board, 2PDT PCB and of course a GPCB 3PDT board (no pedal build should be without one).


    Gutshots showing Off Board components, 2PDT switch board with 3 Way ON-ON-ON modification and Power Supply filtering and protection next to 3PDT PCB.

    Next is the Eleventy Fuzz.  A modded 1 Knob Fuzz with variable resistor (pot) instead of the 82-820 Ohm resistor and an input cap switch for more treble content (adds 47n cap to the mix).  Name is derived from an old Mad TV skit spoof on Schoolhouse Rock Math taught by a street bum.


    Last, something I didn’t post previously – Unobtanium OU-812 Detonating Planet Pulverizer.  AKA a Harmonic Percolator.  Only used a GPCB 3PDT board on this project so I am not showing a gutshot.





Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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