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    OK here are the rules.

    It is OK to ask questions. We will do our best to answer. We only ask you to observe proper courtesy when posting. No cursing, flaming or abusing your posting privilege. Please post respectfully or you could be banned. This is a family friendly forum and we will not tolerate any abuse. We do not make any promises that we will solve all build issues but if you post pictures and voltages we will certainly try to help. We have been doing this for 10 years and have a high success rate in solving issues especially when we are given the information we need to help.

    No discussion regarding the cloning of commercially available pedals. No spamming, porn, advertising or any other inappropriate forum behavior. No use of avatars, videos or photos that could be considered offensive to others in our forum. This is a family friendly forum which will include children.

    Membership implies agreement to the rules set forth here. Users disregarding the rules may be banned.

    We discourage members from discussing sensitive topics such as (but not limited to) religion, politics, and matters of ethics which may result in conflict. Disclaimer: GuitarPCB makes no guarantees that you will successfully complete your pedal in a satisfactory manner nor promise you will be able to resolve issues using technical support. All circuit boards are 100% verified and all individually 100% E-Tested.



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