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    Todd L McCagg

    Has anyone actually built this pedal and complete it and it actually works? I’ve only built 25+ pedals and I will admit that early on, I built a couple of DOAs. But THIS one take the cake! Everything works, the LED just doesn’t “pulse”. I have “checked the voltages” on the ICs as recommended and they are VERY close to 9v. I’ve checked all the solder joints and triple checked the wiring. MAN I wish I knew what I was doing wrong. I DID buy 2 of these boards, but I don’t want to waste the time and money if there is some update I don’t know about? I am including an audio link to a file that depicts what’s happening. Just can’t get it to “wobble”. BTW I DID buy the LED and Sensors directly from GuitarPCB… ARGH! http://musicbytodd.com/?page_id=1882  


    Hello. First, I wanted to let you know that I already responded to your question when you posted on the other person’s thread. While I prefer you to have your own thread, I wanted to ensure that you knew I responded to your question within 2 hours, exactly 6 days ago.


    Before we continue, let me emphasize that I have been running a successful site for 14 years, and there is no advantage to releasing products that do not work. Additionally, please note that this is a support forum, so 95% of the time, people only post their issues rather than their success stories. Since this is a new release, there has only been one other post, which involved a builder-related issue where he soldered to the wrong side of his wiring board.


    So lets have a look.

    Did you use a non-conductive PCB spacer (per the instructions, top of page 3) between the metal circles of the Dual Gang pot and the PCB solder side containing 1n5817? This can be a small square of cardboard, plastic, electrical tape, etc.

    If that doesn’t resolve your issue, we’ll keep working on it.

    If it does, please let us know.


    Hey Todd, sorry for your disenchantment. I’m pretty sure you will get it going any minute with all the knowledge you have gleaned so far. Can’t say much other that there hasn’t been an update. I haven’t built this circuit yet but I am confident that you can go ahead and build the other board. I’ve learned to trust Barry (and the whole team behind him). Since you don’t really need us, I’ll assume you have tested each component thoroughly prior to and after installation into the circuit and have the data sheets for the transistors and IC’s right beside you. I could add that after I became perfect, the following happened to me. There are no witnesses.

    Trimpot and several pots didn’t work as they ‘should’

    Stray strand of wire making contact where it shouldn’t while in a difficult to see spot

    Found cold solder joints on pot lugs

    Found unsoldered pad with component leg touching only air

    Tested the value of a resistor but then found it soldered in the wrong spot after

    Discovered that a wire was omitted completely from my completed build. I know I thought about that one

    Discovered the jack, that I meant to tighten back when I was thinking about it, is loose

    Food for thought. Hope you find the culprit. Cheers

    Todd L McCagg

    WAIT, STOP Hold the presses. Barry, I apologize for not responding or recognizing your kind and considerate response. 2nd, my wife (and others, that’s why I only have like 2 friends) have said that my “voice” at the keyboard can. be a bit acerbic. So I am sorry that I seemed like a male body part that sometimes takes over the brain sometimes. It’s not hate or even ambivalence, just the way I speak. My facial expressions, apparently, tell the complete story… Ok, onward:

    I DO have the spacer between the double ganged potentiometer.

    And to playsforfun thank you for your response and verbose analysis. Doc appts (old fart) prevail, so later today I’ll get at your recommends.

    Just an “of note”: I can’t design ANYTHING and rely on others to fulfill my pedal builder fantasy. However, I’m 71 and was using a soldering iron at 9 doing 70v P.A. installs with my dad, who was in educational communications. I grok the “like water through a hose” thing and it can leak, etc. So, most of the “do’s and don’ts” are pretty much in my repertoire. HOWEVER, one by one, I will go over your suggestions.  Thanks to all. Cheers, Todd


    The next two things I want you to check.

    Turn the Intensity control down, full counter clockwise. Adjust the speed control and see if the LED pulses.

    Check the color bands on your R24 resistor and make sure it is 100R, and not 100K.


    Todd L McCagg

    Hey Barry, I am guessing that you can’t interchange a 4.7K Ω and a 2.2M Ω? WHY didn’t you tell me that? (It’s a joke!) What an idiot. I checked EVERYthing and I had the 100R and the 100K correct, but I had a brain fart and switched the above resistors. THANK you everyone for your kind consideration and support. Where IS that “dork button”? Here’s a BRIEF demo of the pedal (I’m a bassist and my baby brother is the smoking guitarist-so please forgive the playing…). Cheers, Todd http://musicbytodd.com/?page_id=1882


    Congrats. At least it got you looking.

    Now all you have left to do is a proper Show Off Your Build thread.

    Post a couple nice photos for me.


    Sounds fab, not to mention the man himself on the pedal face.


    Todd, I am going to use your audio example and photo to create an “alternate” short and sweet video demo for the Vibe circuit.

    I will include links to your site.

    Sometimes people like to hear demos other than from me but I usually do not have that luxury.

    That said, I may be the only PCB guy that even bothers to do demos.

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