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    NostalgiTone 70s finished build.

    Are you ready to elevate your game? The NostalgiTone 70s combo is here to give you the ultimate sonic experience. We have combined the best of the best, squeezing three incredible circuits into a genre-defining combo.

    • Boost: The Rangemaster was a cornerstone of many ’70s rock sounds including guitar legends like Tony Iommi, Marc Bolan, and Brian May, as well as the pioneers of N.W.O.B.H.M. like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Our Boost circuit goes beyond, merging the standard output Volume control with our Range control, from classic treble-boost tone to full range or any sweet spot in between. Plus, the Heat control gives you mastery over gain level saturation, flexibility the original lacked with its fixed maximum gain. It is now your turn to redefine classic rock tones.


    • Tweed: Unleash the authentic tones of the legendary Tweed 5E3 amp like never before. Equipped with adjustable internal trimmers and a versatile Hi/Lo switch, achieve it all—from powerful clean tones in Lo mode, Joe Walsh tones with Medium Gain, or fiery, Neil Young-worthy gain in Hi mode. When you pair Tweed with the Boost be prepared for an unprecedented sonic journey.


    • British: Unlock genuine British tones effortlessly with our newest creation—an essential tool for your authentic sonic quest. With a complete Marshall-style tone stack and the versatile Boost, achieving those iconic British tones becomes second nature. This dynamic duo offers an array of tonal options, seamlessly transitioning from early Plexi-style tones to the revered 800 sound. Dive into an unparalleled sonic realm and sculpt your signature sound with ease.


    If you’re enthusiastic about this concept, your purchase will help pave the way for additional genre and artist-specific combo PCBs in the near future.


    Each of the three circuits are also available as “Singles”




    NostalgiTone 60s Finished Build

    Are you ready to elevate your game? The NostalgiTone 60s Edition combo is here to give you the ultimate sonic experience. We have combined the best of the best, squeezing three incredible circuits into a genre-defining combo. It features expert mods like Fuzz / Overdrive order-switching and a switchable 3-circuit tone enhancer.

    • Overdrive: Step back in time to an era when iconic guitar tones ruled the stage. Representative of the tones used by Cream, Alvin Lee, Stones, and Jimi Hendrix, you too can capture that sweet, creamy crunch reminiscent of the legendary guitar sounds of the 1960s.


    • Fuzz: Dive into the lush, velvety fuzz tones reminiscent of the legendary vintage Fuzz Face. Our design integrates attainable NPN silicon transistors to bolster stability, guaranteeing that you capture that iconic tone and enjoy unwavering performance. Plus, with the convenience of an onboard trimmer, you can fine-tune your fuzz experience, from smooth, flowing tones to edgier, more gated textures.


    • Tremolo: The Tremolo is a vital addition to the 60’s tone, infusing your guitar tone with captivating pulsing waves. But that is not everything. Thanks to the onboard toggle “kill” switch, you can deactivate the tremolo pulse while keeping the tone-enhancing portion of the circuit intact. This gives you the purest tone from all three circuits directly to your amplifier, granting you complete mastery over your sound, and resulting in impeccably crisp and crystal-clear notes. Additionally, using the Volume control in tandem with the foot-switch you can Boost your solos or just dial in a compressed always-on tone.

    Onboard Order Switcher: Want to switch up your sound? Our onboard order switcher lets you change the sequence between Overdrive and Fuzz, so you can create your unique sonic signature.

    Easy Wiring: No more daunting wiring hassles! Say hello to beauty under the hood. Enjoy all-analog tones with modern features that will slip into your gig bag, ensuring you are always ready to unleash your musical magic.

    Included with the PCB purchase. – (1) Mainboard, (3) wiring boards, and (3) ribbon cables.
    All “NostagiTone Series” purchases will pave the way for my new and upcoming releases.
    If you like this idea, then purchase to support more genre and artist-specific combo PCBs soon.


    Each of the three individual circuits are also available as “Singles”



    I received a nice email review from Ben Lively regarding the 60s NostalgiTone hand-built pedal I sent him last week.

    “The NostalgiTone pedal is undoubtedly the best all-in-one pedal I’ve ever used, perfectly meeting my needs. It’s ultra-responsive and literally perfect! If it were sold at a large retail outlet, it could easily fetch $350. I’ve spent $400 on a pedal that can only do a fraction of what yours can, and it doesn’t even compare. I can’t help but pause every time I play it! I would say it’s easily the best overall pedal I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a lot.”


    Here is another NostalgiTone 70s “Tweed” style video demo.

    There are a lot of powerful clean tones with the Tweed circuit as well. Probably my next video.


    I received another review today from Greg Turner regarding the NostalgiTone 70s this time.

    “So after building the Nostalgia 70s, it took me back. The boost is perfect, the tweed is dead on to my ears. The other remarkable thing is, all three pedals work so well with each other. Whether you boost the British or the tweed, or hit the British with the tweed, it sounds fantastic. This was a great build. I’ve built several hundred pedals and this one is towards the top. Great job you guys!”


    Heck Yeah!


    Tayda has a page dedicated to ordering the UV service.


    You must read through all of that while knowing that I have already done the hard part in creating the exact printable PDF ART file that they need. Understanding that renders most of the text moot since it is already done for you. Unless of course you want to do your own art. In that case it is pretty intense because you will need knowledge of art programs to be able to proceed and they explain what they need in the link above.

    Just know that the PDF Art file is ready to submit to Tayda despite the repeated warnings asking if you know what you are doing and have read the article. Also if it comes up when asked about what side of the enclosure needs drilled or UV print it is going to be the FACE.

    Only use the PDF file included in the link in the build doc, or shop page.


    First order an enclosure. Combos need a 1590DD. Type 1590DD into the search bar at Tayda and pick a color. Since UV is Black pick a lighter color.


    Now you need to order the art service for a 1590DD if buying for the combo. (There are links for this in the instructions.)


    You will also need to order the 1590DD drill service as well.


    For that you need an account as well as the drill link I have already made. Once you have an account you can use the drill template link and it will take you to the Tayda Box Tool.


    So you need to place a Tayda order like normal.

    1. Order the painted enclosure remembering that the ART uses black printing so no dark enclosures.
    2. Order the Drill service
    3. Order the UV service

    After check out is complete you will need to wait 20 minutes or so..

    Then you need to go back to your Taydakits dashboard to finalize the order and put the correct services you ordered to the correct job. It is this way since many people order many different jobs all at the same time.

    Taydakits dashboard link: https://drill.taydakits.com/dashboard

    Note on the right side of the Dashboard you can see where you can add a drill template to be saved for future and the UV print has a button to add as well.



    On the right you will see where you will need to assign your drill template as well as your UV template.

    Note: Some of these are my personal templates below. Yours will not look the same since I own my own Bardel pedal company. You will only have one template for each of the links you use. One for drill and one for UV. Then you will assign these to the correct painted enclosure you bought. The PDF Artwork does not have the Bardel, or GuitarPCB branding, only NostalgiTone which you are welcome to use, and sell for that matter.


    Simply assign the drill template and UV template to the correct Box Job on the left.


    If there is some sort of error which I have yet to experience then they will let you know. That said you can’t change your mind once you submit an order.

    FYI: You will not have all the options as I did in the template photo above because I do have multiple artwork files to choose from to suit my personal needs.

    You will see after a while they will start working on your project:



    I happened to find a video series on YouTube regarding Tayda and UV printing.

    Note: I do not use the same art programs used. If you do your own art you will have to figure it out.

    Otherwise, I have provided my PDF art on the shop pages for the NostalgiTone 60s & 70s.


    Part 1


    Part 2


    Part 3


    Part 4


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