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    Yes, now this is how you DIY!

    Congrats to Barry for this new line of pedals and how you simplified the building and wiring process. The layout is compact and neat. The full size drill template is great and I liked your supplied art work so I could make a decal for this really cool pedal.

    I’ve only had a chance to play it through a small SS amp so far but it sounds great, especially the Tweed. Hope to be able to crank it up through a bigger amp soon.

    Keep up the great job.



    Hey Bradley, your feedback is greatly appreciated, and I’m thrilled to hear that you’re impressed with the new NostalgiTone series. Crafting these circuits has been a labor of love, and I’ve spared no effort in ensuring that each one stands out as the pinnacle of its genre or artist representation.


    Nice Job Bradley! Very professional looking build indeed!
    I built my first amp last year, a Fender Tweed Deluxe (5E3 1X12 from Mojo Tone) so I was very anxious to try out the 70’s Edition to see how it played through my Tweed. To say the least this pedal combo was much more than what I bargained for! I encourage you to find a tube amp and see just what is in store for you.
    If you re-download the 60s Build Doc, it has the drill guide on the last page.
    Looking forward to seeing your 60’s build posted here upon completion!


    Barry, you did a great job in laying out the circuits.  Things I noticed were how the polarity of the caps were all the same, positive to the top and negative to the bottom.  Same with the ICs all pointing in the same direction.  The simplified wiring and LED placements and symmetry of it all, very nice!  And the supplied artwork is the sprinkles on the cake.  Only recently have I tried to make my own and it’s hit and miss so you saved me hours of work.

    Thanks Steve, you’ve done some impressive builds yourself with this new line.  I got the drill guide; I have six enclosures to drill including the 60s and Voodoo and then it’s spray painting and circuit board stuffing time.  I’ve been bad about finishing pedals so I have completed boards not mounted in enclosures.  I’m still new at the artwork process but have done some laser printing on clear vinyl like I did on the 70s pedal.  Looks nicer than using a sharpie LOL.

    On another note, tube amps are fun to build, unfortunately the parts and more expensive than pedals.  In the end you have an amp you can use with your new pedal builds and be proud of.



    Very nice indeed looks fantastic better than some manufactured pedals I’d say

    I’m just waiting for mine to arrive when it gets here it’s definitely jumping the queue

    I’d better get my building A game on there’s been some really great looking builds posted for this circuit

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