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    Introducing the Tweed Fuzztone Deluxe, a powerhouse combo capturing the iconic tones of the Tweed Deluxe amplifier, with a classic Fuzz pushing it to new sonic territory. It was designed for guitarists craving that elusive Tweed tone featured on records by legends like Neil Young, Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh, Rich Robinson, and Mike Campbell.

    Combining both circuits unleashes a vast array of tones unmatched by any other combination. With built-in Order switching, you have complete control over your tone like having an entirely different pedal at the flip of a switch. Point the toggle at the effect you want first.

    Order switching is built-in, with pin header connections making wiring a breeze.

    Ideal for a 1590BB2 enclosure, featuring the same dimensions as a 1590BB but with 125B clearance for jacks.

    Included with each Dual Combo purchase. – (2) Mainboards, (2) pin headers, (1) Dual wiring board.



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