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    Hey Barry, I need to fix this little puppy but have lost my docs on it. I searched the pre 2021, and after, and am unable to locate it. Maybe it has another name I don’t recall?





    Here it is Myton Blonde. It is a very simple circuit but requires biasing the drain of all 3 JFETs to 4.5v to 5.5v to get it to work correctly. You can use MPF102, J201, 2N5457, J113 all with the same orientation but they must be genuine.


    For very old etched boards, or first version fabricated follow this link: YUMPU

    It does require free registration. It will ask if you want a Free trial when downloading, just click NO. Then download.

    This information is now available on the Guides Page if you scroll down past the listed Build Documents for future reference.


    Thanks Barry. It just quit working. It was early in my building so no telling what I didn’t do solid.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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