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    So I wanted an LED in the MoWah for no other reason than I can. The issue is it never goes off. The pedal works great and bypass is good but the light stays on. Cool but annoying at the same time.

    I wired a 3PDT stomper like any other true bypass wiring. What am I missing? Can it be done?


    Post a picture of it so we can see how it’s wired

    It’s more than likely not breaking the LED ground connection when you switch it over


    Ok, so I get the idiot award. I’ll put it right next to all my other idiot awards especially next to the one I won for having my guitar volume down as I was troubleshooting a pedal back in the day for about an hour.

    First I left a 3PDT lug empty. Then I didn’t but switched in my head what I was doing. Then I got it right.

    Thanks Billy for jumping in. I do have a question now that I want to tweak the wah. I’ve socketed 8, 8a, 9 and 9a. I’m a bit confused on something. So let’s say that I find the right values for my taste for C8 and 9. I would then leave C8a and 9a empty correct? I’m not real sure what the purpose is for those 2 cap spots. Is it to get some value combined that you don’t typically see caps come in and that oddball value is the sound that suits one’s taste?


    Switch question.

    Ok, so I’ve read the BOM multiple times and I guess I just can’t figure it out. First I’m a noob with a wah. I’ve built some but walking and chewing gum is tough for me. Nevertheless I built another one.

    I put the switch in and socketed C8,8a,9,9a. Right now I have caps in C8 and C9 and nothing in C8a or 9a.

    1. is the sweep range between C8 and C9 and then flip the switch and then between C8a and C9a?
    2. Or is the sweep between C8 and C8a and then flip the switch and the range is then between C9 and C9a?
    3. Neither?



    Did you check out all three guides listed on the SHOP page:

    Mowah Basic Build Document

    MoWah Advanced Build Document

    Building the Super Modded MoWah Story by Wilkie1


    I believe the Advanced Build Document pages 3 – 4 answers your questions.


    or from the main build document:

    If you decide that you don’t want an external switch and require just one frequency range, don’t install sockets for C9 and C9A and place a jumper between pads 2 & 3 of SW2. This will leave you C8 and C8A to fine tune the frequency sweep of the filter.

    You can then refer to the schematic image of SW2. It switches between C8 + C8a to C9 +C9a. Unless you do what is suggested above.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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