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    So I got weird with a One Knob Fuzz board:

    • 3PDTs for toggling Q1 (BC109/2N4401) and Q2 (BC108/2N3906)
    • DPDT on/on for toggling C1 (100n/1u) and C3 (220n/22n)
    • Sag circuit a’la the test kit schematic (9v > 2k resistor > B10k pot) between a 9V pad on a 3PDT board and the main board
    • R5 is a 2k potentiometer



    • R5 does not control gain lmao, I think it regulates power maybe? It seems to do a better job of sagging the circuit than my sag circuit
    • sag works fine if the R5 potentiometer is set to half or lower, but barely affects the circuit otherwise
    • toggling the cap at C1 is an idea I stole from a fuzz face DIY mod suggestion, and figured it might work since the OKF topology seems very similar, it doesn’t seem to do much.
    • same with the tight switch at C3 no significant difference


    otherwise this thing was cool and it was a fun experiment! Excited to rework this and make it do more of the things that I’d like!


    Oh yeah, pics (forgive the bending of the socketed caps, it’s busy in there):


    Very nice and thanks for sharing.

    I do stuff like that too.

    I have a Muff which is mostly a testing ground.



    now that i’m jamming on headphones and not on a very quiet practice amp, it seems that my 2k pot wired to R5 is controlling the bias (sound seems to get very velcro-ish when i reduce it) and the sag actually works great here imo. i changed the C1 mod to be 100n/10n and the bass reduction at 10n is really nice. still can’t wrap my head around the C3 toggle, it’s as recommended in the OKF doc (220n/22n) but i can’t hear the difference. anyway this thing is badass!


    oh and when i said 2N3906 earlier i meant 2N3904


    final note for those following along: i replaced the 22n cap (for the C3 toggle) with a 2.2n cap and that further tightens up the bass frequency, so i would call this pedal a winner (and the R5 bias [presumably] control is a very happy accident that makes this thing super flexible).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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