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    Welcome to the first in my NostalgiTone Artist series. The Voodoo Redux is here to give you the ultimate sonic experience. I have combined the best, squeezing three incredible circuits into an artist-defining combo.

    • Plexamp: Immerse yourself in the NostalgiTone foundation amp tone with Plexamp—meticulously crafted to recreate the iconic 1962 Marshall JTM 45 sound. Whether you are chasing the timeless tones of Hendrix or Trower, Plexamp’s versatile Gain range and robust Bass and Treble shaping controls provide all the sonic tools you need to embark on your musical journey.
    • Gypsy Fuzz: Enter the realm of the Band of Gypsies era with the Gypsy Fuzz. Uniquely crafted with precision and equipped with multiple stages of silicon transistors for unmatched stability. Additionally, a “thick switch” is integrated to broaden the spectrum of available tones. Drawing inspiration from the final recordings, this fuzz circuit produces a soaring fuzz tone that effortlessly cleans up with the guitar’s volume control. Immerse yourself in the musical magic of that mysterious era with the Gypsy Fuzz.
    • Vibe: Experience the lush, syrupy tones reminiscent of the original Uni-vibe circuits with The Vibe. Boasting five controls – Intensity, Rate, Volume, Throb, and Voice – this circuit allows for precise sound customization. Finding your ideal tone is effortless. My version is distinct with an Order switch, offering the flexibility to place The Vibe before or after the Gypsy Fuzz, creating a diverse palette of tones.

    * Easy Wiring: No more wiring hassles! Say hello to beauty under the hood. Enjoy all-analog tones with modern features that will slip into your gig bag, ensuring you are always ready to unleash your musical magic.

    * Available Components: I recognize the hurdles of component availability. Rest assured, I have carefully selected components for the NostalgiaTone series that are currently available from today’s popular vendors.

    Mainboard Dimensions – 6.90” x 2.40” – Perfectly sized for a 1590DD enclosure

    Included with the PCB purchase. – (1) Mainboard, (3) wiring boards, and (3) ribbon cables.

    First Demo:

    Limited First Edition run features Purple PCBs with matching wiring boards.

    Also available are LDR / LED sets for the LFO.


    Go to the SHOP PAGE for build details.



    New Demo


    Here is a link to a Customer Build Review.



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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