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    Welcome to my NostalgiTone Artist series. The D.S.O.T.M. is here to give you the ultimate sonic experience. I have combined the best, squeezing three incredible circuits into an artist-defining combo.
    • WattAmp: Experience the magic of early ’70s Arena Rock with the WattAmp circuit – your gateway to authentic tube amp tones! Carefully crafted to mirror the iconic sound of a legendary player during his HiWatt era, this pedal packs all the punch, growl, and dynamic response of the cranked vintage amplifier. With its intuitive controls, dial in your perfect foundation preamp tone for those unmistakable boosted amplifier sounds that define an era. Elevate your tone, spark your creativity, and tap into the power of this legendary sound.
    • Luna Fuzz: Experience the Luna Fuzz, inspired by the legendary guitar tones of a certain player during the early ’70s. This circuit offers a versatile range of sounds with modern design features. Unlike traditional silicon fuzz pedals, the Luna Fuzz delivers a thick, substantial sound without any temperamental behavior, seamlessly integrating with the WattAmp and Phaser for a complete sonic experience. With its vast range spanning from tight, aggressive overdrive to ultra-saturated fuzz, the Luna Fuzz opens endless possibilities for tone exploration.
    • Phaser: My Phaser utilizes LDRs (Light Dependent Resistors) to deliver smooth transitions between phase shifts, enhancing modulation for a more organic and delightful effect. By utilizing LDRs, we ensure easy availability of essential components, keeping costs reasonable. Moreover, it grants precise control over modulation speed and depth. Experience reduced noise levels, yielding a cleaner, more transparent sound. Positioned correctly in the signal chain, our Phaser faithfully reproduces the classic Phaser tone you would expect when used in tandem.

    Mainboard Dimensions – 6.90” x 2.40” – Perfectly sized for a 1590DD enclosure
    Included with the PCB purchase. – (1) Mainboard, (3) wiring boards, and (3) ribbon cables.
    All “NostagiTone Series” purchases will pave the way for my new and upcoming releases.
    If you like this idea, then purchase to support more genre and artist-specific combo PCBs soon.

    First Demo:

    NostalgiTone DSOTM Build Document


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