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    Hello, I’ve recently finished the Ratt Deluxe build and it sounds great! The only “problem” it’s that I use it for playing bass and I’ve noticed that, when engaged, the lowest frequency shifts from 60hz to around 100hz. It’s not normally a problem since it’s always engaged, but I found the shift to be quite noticeable when I use it for shorter sections of a song. I’ve seen in a youtube video that I could change the input/output capacitor value (C1, C10) from 220 nF up to 470 nF for C1, and from 220 nF up to 10 mF for C10. Can someone backup this information? Or maybe suggest some other values that can lower the lowest frequency back to 60 hz? I’m worried I could fry the circuit.



    Raising the values of the input and output caps will pass more bass frequencies, but c7 and c9 may also need to be adjusted too. You may need to experiment with values to find your sweet spot, so if you decide to try to adapt the pedal I suggest using sockets to spare the board from repeated de-soldering. No worries about letting the smoke out.



    +1 brd!  Increase the value of ALL caps in the signal path.  That includes C1, C7, C9 and C10.


    Not bulding a Ratt myself, but wouldn’t the Buff N Blend board help with improving bass guitar performance, or is this another issue?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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