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    Big O

    No, not the album by Genesis, but the fuzz pedal by GPCB.

    Easy build as a stock pedal.  Here is my early report.

    Substituted transistors at Q1 – 170 HFE S9012 and 220 HFE 2N3906.  The lower HFE, the more blatty, gated sound for the counter clockwise turn of the Grit knob.  The blattiness doesn’t go away until the knob is up about 3/4.  The supplied 400 HFE PNP transistor does not get much blattiness or gated sound until it is almost full counter clockwise.  Looks like I need to find a PNP Si transistor of around 300 HFE to get the best of both worlds at around 50% rotation.


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