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    It is time to step outside the box of building simple recreations of other circuits. This thread will demonstrate ideas on how to combine circuits to create your own “Ultimate Combo”.

    Design and “Create Your Own Frankenstein”

    This will be an ongoing, evolving thread and I will add more ideas as time permits.

    Here is the Playsforfun Combo Build Guide and can also be found on our Guides Page.

    Additionally here are some Basic Wiring Concepts also available on the Guides Page.


    Idea #1: Cross an Emexar with a ColorTone Overdriver. The Ultimate in Boost and Gain.

    Courtesy of TRom


    Idea #2: Anyone can make honey… Here is our Killer Bee w/ Rototone add-on

    Courtesy of TRom


    Idea #3: Okay so our Muff’n is already the Ultimate Muff but don’t’ stop there! Here is what happens when you add a Tone TwEQ and Stage 3 Boost for the “Ultimate Muff’n Combo”.

    Courtesy of TRom


    Idea #4 Plexi Plus Tone TwEQ Combo for a full blown Marshall style Preamp + one of our Easy Order Switching boards that offers Pre or Post EQ options on a foot-switch.

    Build Courtesy of TRom


    Idea #5 “Ultimate Multi Drive” Super Combo featuring Super Sonic S2, BMPOA, KOTB, Buff N Blend, Tone TwEQ, 3PDT & DPDT wiring boards & Easy Order Switching board in a 1590BB. That’s a lot of tone in one box!

    Courtesy of TRom


    Idea #6: The Ultimate Compressor. Using a MoRC, Tone TwEQ and Stage 3 Boost combination get everything you need Pre-Dirt in a single pedal including a tonally powerful compressor

    Courtesy of TRom


    Idea #7: Courtesy of Stevie K. we first have the MoRC compressor with a foot switchable loop between the MoRC and the D’Lay/Stage 3 being last. You can insert ODs or other modulation pedals in between the Morc and D’Lay/Stage 3 for a compact rig.


    Idea #8: Courtesy of Stevie K we have a Supersonic S-2 and G-2 Animal combo which is based on a very high profile and costly combo. Two amazing types of drive in a single enclosure.


    Idea #9: Black Dog Overdrive, Stage 3 Boost, The Vibe & D’Lay all in a 1590DD and includes an effects loop so you may insert other pedals easily. Also noteworthy are the many mods used.

    Build Courtesy of Playsforfun


    Idea #10: The Cosmic Incineration courtesy of Playsforfun features our Hot Chilicon (Sriracha Fuzz), Aeon Drive, Ancestral Apparition (reverb), Orange Julius (compressor), Tone TwEQ (3 Band Active EQ), After Blaster Add-on Gain Stage), Easy Order Switching board, Buff N Blend (x2), Solo Boost, Effects Loop, Wah Loop all in a 1590DD with 3D stacking control modules.


    Idea #11: Courtesy of Petevig is a cool retro table top combo which includes our Zenith Drive, Cap’t Munch, Dr. Rock and Stage 357 (aka XX Double Shot)


    Idea #12 courtesy of Chris the Plexi-Rebel Road King


    Idea #13 courtesy of Steve Red Special w/ Tone TwEQ


    Idea #14 courtesy of MilitaryMD Dark Echos


    Idea #15 courtesy of Cybercow Dual Chorus


    Idea #16 courtesy of Cybercow Destroyer of Angels


    Idea #17 courtesy of Anonymous SCREAM the Cornish Dual Box


    Idea #18 courtesy of Wilkie1 the Mega Combo


    Idea #19 coming soon….


    If you made it this far (this is an ongoing thread) and forgot the links at the top of the thread I encourage you to visit all of our helpful guides located on our Guides Page and if “Ultimate Combos” is your thing then be sure to check out Playsforfuns Combo Build Guide

    Additionally here are some Basic Wiring Concepts

    Easy way using INKJET to make labels:

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