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    I’m completely stumped with this.  I’ve built a Univox Super Fuzz and want to add a clean blend to it.  Super Fuzz tested perfectly.  Hooked the Buff n Blend up to it and I only get clean signal when I turn the Blend knob towards clean.  When I turn it towards the Super Fuzz, it gets very quiet.  I thought perhaps the SF was inverted, so I built a Stage 3 booster and wired it in series with the Super Fuzz -same problem.

    I have the send of the BnB going to the input of the SF, the output of the SF going to the return of the BnB.  Then I tried the BnB send going to input of the SF, output of the SF going to the input of the Stage 3 and output of the Stage 3 going into the return of the BnB.

    I put the J113 and both caps in the footswitch side of the BnB board due to space constraints.  Although, both are installed in correct orientation.  I can add a few more photos when I get home if needs be.

    I don’t suppose anyone can help point me in a particular direction with this?

    Thank you kindly.




    I have no idea about the main circuit you are using as to whether it is inverting the phase or not. At any rate that is not the issue at the moment.

    If it were me I would remove the Stage 3 altogether, and then re-verify the main circuit by itself to be sure nothing happened, thoroughly checking off board wiring for loose or poorly soldered connections along the way.

    Then I would add power to the Buff N Blend and take voltages to be sure the JFET is working properly. Re-flow any suspect solder joints and try again while being very careful to attach the wiring correctly, and making sure everything has a common ground. From the photo I cannot see if you are sharing common ground with the main board since the electrolytic is blocking the view.

    Once you get it working then you can determine if you need the boost.



    Thank you for the suggestions.  I took everything apart, tried SF by itself, worked great.  Build another BuffnBlend and wired that and the SF together.  When the BnB Balance knob is turned toward clean, I get a good clean signal.  When it’s turned the opposite direction, I get a faint clean signal.  I then, again built another stage 3 and wired that into the mix and now I get a clear clean signal when Balance is turned toward clean and a louder clean signal when the Balance knob is turned the opposite direction.  I’m guessing the BnB just doesn’t get along with the PedalPCB Super Fuzz circuit.


    After tracing the signal through the schematic of the “Superflare Fuzz”, (I think this is the circuit you are using?), I believe that the circuit flips between inverting and non-inverting depemding upon the position of the MID.1 switch.  Any others that can confirm this with an O’scope?


    I believe you are correct, Wilkie1.  Thanks for popping in.  I’ve tried this with just the BnB as well as a 3 stage booster in series with the Super Fuzz and BnB.  I only get clean on both sides of the BnB balance knob.  Although, the clean signal is a tad bit louder when the Balance knob is turned fully towards the clean side of the blend.  It’s as if my clean signal runs through the SF without grabbing any of the fuzz….  Very strange.  I’ve built hundreds of pedals over the years, but this is my first foray into the Buff n Blend.  I now have four separate Buff n Blends all wired up, think I’ll use a couple on the Emexar pcbs.  Those should work fine, from what I understand.

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