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    Back in the dark ages (early/mid 2000’s) I got into building pedals and ordered a bunch of etched PCB’s from Guitar PCB. Built a few, but then kids, job, etc…

    Now I have some time and went digging through the parts bin, and low and behold I still have a few etched boards. Problem is, I can’t seem to find the layouts ANYWHERE for the etched boards.

    Is there a kind soul who could point me in the right direct? Checking the old forums it appears that there’s no content still there…



    Sure Wes. Barry has all those. Do him a favor and list them here so that he can help you out. I’ve got a few myself.


    Thanks guys! I have:




    Super Trooper

    3PDT wiring board

    And one that just has “C50 109″…not sure what that one is.



    The GBOF still follows the exact same layout. so you can get these by going to the Guides Page.


    This is the C50:


    This is the only image I have for the OKF. It is for the GBOF though:



    This is all I can find for the Zenith v2 (nothing previous):

    You will need to download and Zoom In with whatever photo viewer you use.


    Image for original OKF is gone.

    Image for Super Trooper is gone.

    If someone else has these please put them here. I will continue trying to find them. They are not available in my backups either but I may have hard copies which I am still trying to find from over a decade ago and I am not sure where they are at.



    Thanks for this! Now I just gotta start building…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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