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    Wilkie and I have been discussing some ideas with the up and coming 2019 Combo Contest that may be helpful when building your favorite circuit combos or just tips that will allow you to use alternate methods of adding potentiometers to your build aside from hand wiring when on-board potentiometer pads are not available.

    One thing some may not know is that our board pads which are meant for hand-wiring are also designed so that they can be used with 9mm potentiometers since they have the same 2.54mm pad spacing as well as the correct orientation.

    These are available in the USA at Small Bear

    Note that all of our boards have a tiny 1 to indicate the Lug Number in the silkscreen. (See photo below)

    Some things to consider are that when mounting a Tone TwEQ inside a 125B using 9mm potentiometers it will allow the circuit board to hug the inside of the enclosure allowing room to mount an additional circuit above it while also securely fixing it to the enclosure. This same process will work with other circuits as well.

    Consider mounting some circuit boards to the sidewalls of the enclosure to save space making a combo build as well. Consider a small 1″ x 1″ Stage 3 for an added Boost along the sidewall.

    Finally surface mounted Trimmer pots can also be fit into the potentiometer holes as well by folding all leads to the center of the trimmer then aligning the leads upright. (see photo).


    I hope that gives some inspiring ideas and thanks to Wilkie for his assistance.

    These are just ideas and hand wiring is still the traditional means of installing potentiometers for GuitarPCB circuit boards that do not include on-board 16mm pots. There are too many reasons to list why we do not add 16mm on-board potentiometers with every circuit but at least now it is nice to know you can have your cake and eat it to when it will work. Also note kits will not come with 9mm pots.

    If you have any ideas to share please feel free to add an explanation and photo.

    We would like to expand on these ideas with the upcoming 2019 Combo Contest.




    While I *DO* like making a ton more work for myself and hand wire everything, I’ll have to look into this! My next parts order will have to have some 9mm pots. Thanks Barry and Wilkie! That’s also a great tip using the trim pot as a set-and-forget internal adjuster. Cheers.


    Here is something to think about:


    Dual Channel MoRC Compressor


    Dual Channel Zenith

    Make any pedal a dual pedal. Here is the Dual D’Lay courtesy of J Allen Shaw


    More Dual Channel pedals.

    Dual Channel MKC and EA Tremolo below Courtesy of J Allen Shaw


    Another Dual Channel Pedal

    Dual Channel MoRC Compressor below Courtesy of J Allen Shaw

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