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While the PCB Shop is being renovated enjoy these Combos direct below.
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All build documents can still be obtained through PCB Shop or Layout Gallery.

Dual Artist Series Combos! - Yes you get 2 exciting deals!

*Artist Series Combo #1:

This Muff'n - Colorsound combo is recognized as used by David Gilmour. The two circuits when used in tandem complement one another adding tonal possibilities not achieved alone.

*Artist Series Combo #2

The MKC or “Modified Klon Circuit is known to work best in tandem with the original Marshall Blues Breaker, we refer to as the Blues Buster. Running a Blues Buster into an MKC is a commonly used tandem setup used by many professionals including John Mayer.

Get all (6) boards - $30 value for only $14.95 - No Limits!

The Heavy Metal Combo - Nu Metal style tones.

A Combo of circuits to be mixed and matched as well as used in tandem, otherwise known as stacking.

Using the Disturbance , Stage 3 and Cap't Munch circuits in this way provides endless combinations of Heavy Metal Tones!

*Stage 3 Mini (same circuit) may be substituted for regular Stage 3.

Get yours now. $22 value for only $11.95 - No Limits!

Purple Platypus or Piercing Moose Boutique Combo

This is your chance to build an Ultra Rare Purple Platypus™ style circuit, without spending $600 or more on places like eBay. Build your own boutique Octave Fuzz pedal!

$15 value only $8.95

John Mayer Style Combo

(4) awesome boards in one bundle . Make a combo pedal or make individual pedals. Either way this deal is a steal at only $12.95 for the entire (4) board bundle.

You get one of each below in your bundle:

  • Blues Buster - Blues Breaker Style in BLUE
  • MKC - Modified Klon Circuit
  • Tube Screaming Ultra - The Ultimate Tube Screamer
  • GPCB Mosfet Boost - On-board Pot - Low Profile 

$23 value for only $12.95 - No Limits!

If you like building Combo Pedals here is a nice tutorial:

Build a Combo Pedal Guide by Playsforfun

10 - Pack of our famous 3PDT Wiring Boards!

Simply put the best available anywhere with 7+ years of enhancements! These will work with most any circuit, regardless of company. Smallest profile, most features! 
Save time & space, not double it!

*LED Options - Use a Standard LED or a BiColor.

*(6) Grounds conveniently located .

*On Board Current Limiting Resistor

*(3) - 9v Power Pads for more options & power sharing.

$13 value for only $7.95 - 10 Packs are not limited.

Super Drive "80's Combo Bundle" Combo offer.

No customer limits

Each Combo contains everything for authentic 80's tone:

A $24 value for only $13.95!

Super Drive "90's Combo Bundle" Combo offer.

Each Combo contains everything for authentic 90's tone:

A $26 value for only $14.95! -
No customer limits!

Ultimate Fuzz Bundle
Capture every style of Fuzz from the 60's, 70's & 80's.

60's - American Fuzz

70's - Hot Chilicon

70's to Modern - DSOTM Fuzz

80's - OMG MonGoose Fuzz ala Joe Perry style.

Free - Silent Tuning Buffer Board

$28 value for only $14.95

Randy Rhoads Style Bundle

Combine the Dr. Rock for Plexi Style tones with an Emexar "D+ version" in tandem and get some amazing Randy Rhoads style tones without spending a fortune.

$18 value for only $9.95

Orange Amp Style Combo

Get your Orange style tone on now with the Orange Amp Combo by combining our Cap't Munch in tandem with the Tone TwEQ.

Build separate pedals or make a combo and release your inner Rock Star! A classic sounding Drive with Active 3 band EQ.

$13 value for only $8.95

Purchase any (2) of the above deals together "minimum" and receive a very special bonus!
The more Combos you buy the better the Bonus!
If you have other order needs while my PCB Shop is being renovated Contact Me with your request.

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Get D.I.Y. smart with these must read links!

GuitarPCB Beginner Build Guide - Courtesy of Trom72
An illustrated guide for "Newbies" and a refresher course for amateurs!

Layout Gallery - Enhanced Build Guide for every circuit & Mods.

Crash Course [Level 1] - Guide #1 for all things GuitarPCB.
Level 1 - Soldering tips, How-To guides in an easy to read format

Crash Course [Level 2] - Guide #2 for all things GuitarPCB.
Level 2 - Condensed guide, diagrams, parts & components.
Tips, Tricks & Tutorials - A collection of answers and innovative ideas.

Build a Combo Pedal Guide - Getting Creative with Playsforfun

How to Upload Photos using our Free Photo Gallery service by Billy

Build Documents may be viewed in the PCB Shop without Membership.

Guitar Pedals built by Members of GuitarPCB Videos.

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Das Musikding = GuitarPCB Kits & Boards in Europe

Das Musikding offers PCBs and KITs direct ! - Save on Customs and Shipping time.
*Das Musikding cannot honor USA Sales or Codes the same as we would not use theirs.

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